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We're working to get online orders up and running but for now here's a list of our current stock and pricing. 

Local deliveries (CT9, CT10 and CT11) will be made on Mondays and Thursdays and orders can be placed by email to hellosaltoftheearth@gmail.com before 4pm on the day prior to delivery. Check your spam for replies. 


Payments can be made by our card machines secure payment link.

Any urgent orders can be made via telephone. 

Due to the current supply issues with some items there may be delays in new stock being received. We'll let you know about these when confirming your orders. 

Shop Fresh Food and Drink, The Pantry, Lifestyle, Hair and Body and Home Cleaning. 

Image by Kate Remmer

Get me while I'm fresh 


Broadstairs Baked Apple Turnover    Ea    £2.00
Broadstairs Baked Bakewell Cake    Ea    £2.50
Broadstairs Baked Blueberry Muffin     Ea    £2.50
Broadstairs Baked Chocolate Brownie    Ea    £2.00
Broadstairs Baked Coffee and Walnut Cake     Ea    £2.50
Broadstairs Baked Croissant    Ea    £1.50
Broadstairs Baked Eccles cake     Ea    £2.00
Broadstairs Baked Flapjack     Ea    £2.00
Broadstairs Baked Lemon Drizzle Cake    Ea    £2.50
Broadstairs Baked Millionaire Shortbread     Ea    £2.00
Broadstairs Baked Pain Au Chocolat    Ea    £2.00
Broadstairs Baked Sourdough Baguettes    Ea    £2.50
Broadstairs Baked Spelt bread    Ea    £2.45
Hinxden Diary Kent Milk Full Fat Skimmed/Semi Skimmed

1 glass bottle pint     Ea    £0.70
Milkman Glass Bottled Milk Coconut / Oat Vegan and Gluten Free

1 Litre     Ea    £2.75
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice 250ml     Ea    £3.00

Zero Waste Bathroom

Hair and Body 


Antibacterial Tea Tree Oil Green Clay soap Vegan  100g    Ea    £4.50
Astra double edge razor blade pack of 5     Ea    £2.00
Bambaw Unisex razor     Ea    £20.50
Coco Live Toothbrush heads pack of 2 for all Orbal B     Ea    £8.50
Cole & Co Bath Soak Refill Pomegranate    100g    £1.20
Cole & Co Body Wash Refill Lan Y Mor     100g    £1.20
Cole & Co Refill Conditioner Lavender, Rosemary & Mint     100g    £1.20
Cole & Co Refill Shampoo Lavender, Rosemary & Mint     100g    £1.20
Cole & Co Shampoo Bar 140g     Ea    £6.00
Cole & Co unwrapped Soap Bar 110g     Ea    £2.90
Dentatab Toothpaste tablets Refill     10g    £1.50
Eco Living Bamboo Hairbrush - With Wooden Pins (Oval-Black) (FSC 100%) Ea    £9.50
Eco Living Floss- Plant-Based Vegan Dental Floss 2 pack with dispenser     Ea    £3.50
Ecoliving Toothpaste Tablets with Fluoride × 30
1 Month Supply - With Refillable Tin    Ea    £4.00
Fill Fig leaf Handsoap refill     100g    £0.60
Flawless Aloe & Lavender Micellar Water Cleanser bottled 100ml    Ea    £4.50
Flawless Aloe & Lavender Micellar Water Cleanser refill     100g    £3.50
Flawless Cedar wood beard balm    Ea    £5.00
Flawless Cleansing Sugar Scrub - Parma Violet    Ea    £5.50
Flawless Coconut and Lime Nourishing Lip Butter    Ea    £3.50
Flawless French Green Clay Mask Bar    Ea    £5.50
Flawless Luxury Body Cream - Sweet Dreams refill     100g    £3.60
Flawless Nourishing Facial Oil with Rosehip, Argan and Neroli -30ml    Ea    £15.00
Flawless Rose & Lavender Hydrating Toner bottled 100ml     Ea    £5.50
Flawless Rose & Lavender Hydrating Toner refill      100g    £4.50
GEORGANICS 180 organic mouthwash tablets     Ea    £7.00
Greenfibres Exfoliating organic cotton muslin face cloth     Ea    £2.70
Greenfibres gentle organic Terry face cloth     Ea    £2.90
Kaolin and Oat Gentle Foaming Clay Facial Cleanser 60g    Ea    £6.00
KOOSHOO Organic Plastic free hair ties Brown / Blond     Ea    £12.00
KU.TIS Organic Body butter 30g Mandarin and Bergamot    Ea    £8.20
Locally made Deodorant bars    Ea    £4.50
Locally made Lotion bars    Ea    £3.50
Locally made Shampoo bar    Ea    £5.00
Locally made soap bars     Ea    £3.50
Natural Nail Brush (FSC 100%)    Ea    £5.50
Natural organic loofah sponge     Ea    £2.50
Nudie period menstral cup Medium / Large     Ea    £24.00
Organic Bamboo comb     Ea    £3.10
Organic Bamboo Toothbrush holder    Ea    £2.80
Ortum natural antibacterial hand spray 50ml     Ea    £6.50
Patch Bamboo plasters Hypoallergenic pack of 25     Ea    £7.00
Plastic Phobia Organic Bamboo Soap Dish     Ea    £4.50
Plastic Phobia Organic Child Bamboo Toothbrush     Ea    £2.00
Plastic Phobia Organic Organic Bamboo Soap Dish Flat style     Ea    £4.50
Plastic Phobia Organic Premium Bamboo Toothbrush Adult     Ea    £2.50
PlasticPhobia Organic bamboo cotton buds pack of 100    Ea    £2.50
Push designs Broadstairs hand made soap dish mermaid tail     Ea    £10.00
Scence Aftersun  75g     Ea    £9.50
Scence Body Balm 75g  Cedar Fresh / Cool Rose / Natural / Summer Citrus / Clary Sage     Ea    £9.50
Scence Deodorant 75g Cedar Fresh / Cool Rose / Natural / Summer Citrus / Clary Sage     Ea    £9.50
Scence Face Balm 17g Shining Rose / Natural     Ea    £9.50
Scence Lip balm Natural / Peppermint     Ea    £3.20
Shade All natural suncream SPF25    Ea    £9.80
Sisal Soap Bag with Drawstring     Ea    £2.50
Sisters very light panty liner     Ea    £4.25
Travel mini Wooden Plastic-Free Hairbrush (FSC 100%)    Ea    £5.00
Who Gives Crap Toilet Roll    Ea    £0.75
x6 Reusable Makeup Remover Pads x3 Bamboo Cotton Pads in White x3 Dark Ea    £5.50

Home Cleaning 


Box Compostable Sponges 2 pack     Ea    £4.50
Coconut Long bottle brush     Ea    £4.70
Coconut scourers pack of 2     Ea    £4.50

Compostable sponge Cleaning cloths pack of 4     Ea    £5.80

Long handle Wooden dish brush   Ea    £4.50

Replacement Dish brush head      Ea    £2.00
Plastic Phobia Organic bamboo dishcloth    Ea    £2.00

Plastic Free Toilet Brush and silver holder   Ea £9.75
Compostable Biodegradable bin liners 50lt    Ea £9.20

Compostable Biodegradable bin liners 30lt    Ea   £6.70

Compostable Biodegradable bin liners 7lt    Ea  £3.30

Plain clear Glass bottles 500ml     Ea    £2.50

FILL Bergomot Floor cleaner refill     100g    £0.60
FILL clear printed glass Bottle 500ml     Ea    £2.00
FILL Dandelion Bathroom Cleaning Spray Refill     100g    £0.60
FILL Dishwasher powder refill     100g    £0.40
FILL Ginger Washing Up Liquid Refill     100g    £0.60
FILL Grapefruit Kitchen cleaner refill     100g    £0.60
FILL Honeysuckle All Purpose Cleaning Spray Refill     100g    £0.60
Fill Neroli Fabric softener refill     100g    £0.60
FILL Neroli Laundry Liquid refill     100g    £0.60
FILL Toilet cleaner Refill     100g    £0.60

Natural Ingredients

The Pantry

All Purpose Flour gluten free with Xanthan Gum    100g    £0.30
Baking Powder    100g    £0.60
Dried Basil    100g    £4.20
White Basmati Rice    100g    £0.40

White Arborio rice   100g   £0.40

Long Grain Brown Rice  100g  £0.30

Organic brown basmati rice  100g  £0.45

Wild Rice    100g    £2.20

White quinoa grain  100g  £0.70

Essential Organic virgin coconut oil 210g   £3.50
Bicarbonate of Soda    100g    £0.10
Black Turtle Beans    100g    £0.40
Black Peppercorns    100g    £2.20
Brown Linseed ( Flaxseed)     100g    £0.60
Cayenne Pepper     100g    £2.20
Chia Seeds    100g    £0.80
Chickpea Flour (Gram Flour) GF     100g    £0.40
Chilli Powder    100g    £1.30
Ground Cinnamon     100g    £2.50
Cranberry Crunch Cereal     100g    £0.50
Medium Curry powder    100g    £1.20
Custard Powder    100g    £0.70
Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts     100g    £1.10
Deluxe Canterbury City Muesli    100g    £0.40
Dried Mixed Herbs    100g    £2.90
Dried Pitted Dates    100g    £0.40
Dried Sage    100g    £5.80
Fine Sea Salt    100g    £0.25
Frobishers bottled Juice  Orange / Mango / Apple 250ml    Ea    £2.00
Organico White Fusilli Pasta     100g    £0.50
Garam Masala     100g    £2.50
Garlic Powder     100g    £1.60
Ground Black Pepper    100g    £2.10
Ground Coriander     100g    £2.50
Ground Ginger    100g    £2.50
Jumbo Oats    100g    £0.30
Red Kidney Beans    100g    £0.50
Canterbury Kingswood Apple cider vinegar with 'The Mother'    100g    £1.20
100% Arabica 5 bean blend coffee beans     100g    £2.60
Debonair Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea Dream On    100g    £5.40
Debonair Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea Apple Cinnamon    100g    £5.40
Debonair Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea Builders Brew    100g    £3.80
Debonair Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea Extreme Earl    100g    £5.20
Debonair Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea English Breakfast     100g    £3.80
Debonair Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea Juicy Ginger    100g    £5.00
Debonair Tea Company Loose Leaf Yunnan Green Tea     100g    £4.40
Debonair Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea Masala Chai     100g    £5.00
Debonair Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea Pure Peppermint    100g    £4.20
Debonair Tea Company Loose Tea Raspberry and Orange     100g    £5.40
Debonair Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea Rooibos    100g    £4.60
Mixed Nuts    100g    £1.10
Mixed Nuts in Shell    100g    £1.90
Mr Organic Arrabiata Chilli Pasta Sauce Vegan Gluten Free     Ea    £2.90
Mr Organic Basilico Pasta Sauce Vegan Gluten Free     Ea    £2.90
Mr Organic Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce Vegan Gluten Free     Ea    £2.90
Mr Organic Olives & Capers Pasta Sauce Vegan Gluten Free     Ea    £2.90

Mr Organic Vegan Gluten Free May   Ea   £2.80 

Org. Virgin Coconut Oil  Ea    £3.50

Biona Org.anic Tomato Puree 200ml   Ea   £2.00
Onion powder     100g    £1.60
Oregano    100g    £4.10
Organic brown sesame seeds     100g    £0.80
Organic Chick Peas    100g    £0.30
Organic Light Cane Sugar    100g    £0.45
Organic Porridge oats    100g    £0.35
Organic Red Split Lentils    100g    £0.40
Organic dried sundried tomato halves     100g    £1.50
Organic Wholewheat Couscous    100g    £0.40
Smoked Paprika    100g    £1.50
Organic Whole Grain Penne     100g    £0.50
Plain flour    100g    £0.20
Popping Corn    100g    £0.30
Pumpkin seeds     100g    £0.80
Organic Dried Raisins    100g    £0.90
Raw Cocoa Powder    100g    £1.20
Dark Dried Soya Mince     100g    £0.60
Rice fusilli naturally gluten free Vegan     100g    £0.75
Rice noodles naturally gluten free Vegan     100g    £1.30
Rice spaghetti naturally gluten free Vegan     100g    £0.75
Sage and onion Stuffing mix    100g    £0.60
Self raising flour     100g    £0.20
Shipton Mill Strong Bread Flour    100g    £0.30
Dried Soya Chunks    100g    £0.50
Strawberry and Banana Crunch Cereal     100g    £0.70
Sunflower Seeds    100g    £0.40
Pick N Mix     100g    £0.70
Thai Spicy Mix    100g    £1.30
Thyme    100g    £4.40
Marigold Vegan Braised Tofu 225g    Ea    £2.50
Organic Whole Tinned Tomatoes 400g    100g    £1.40
Turmeric    100g    £1.20
Two Farmers Crisps Ready Salted 150g  Vegan and Gluten Free     Ea    £3.00
Two Farmers Crisps Ready Salted / Salt and Vinegar 40g Vegan and Gluten Free     Ea    £1.00
Bombay Mix Vegan and Gluten Free     100g    £0.50
Vegan Belguim Chocolate Drops    100g    £1.20
Vegan Trail Nut and Chocolate Mix    100g    £1.00
Vegetable stock power Vegan and Gluten Free     100g    £1.40
White Rice Flour Gluten Free     100g    £0.30
Dried Whole Apricots    100g    £0.70

Organic Sultanas  100g  £1.00
Biona Organic Whole Cherry Tomatoes 400g    Ea    £1.70
Whole Earth Lightly Sparking Organic Vegan Drinks Cola / Elderflower / Lemonade / Ginger 330ml    Ea    £1.30
Yellow Split Peas    100g    £0.30
Zest Vegan Basil Pesto Sauce with chashew nut 165g    Ea    £2.50

Reading with Coffee


100% cotton tote bag in black big wave     Ea    £3.80

Long handle string organic cotton bags    Ea    £5.40

Organic Reusable Cotton Bags pack of 5 13cm x 18cm     Ea    £2.50

Organic Reusable Cotton Bags pack of 5 30cm x 20cm     Ea    £3.50

Organic Fairtrade produce and bread bags pack of 3   Ea  £6.99

The Swag Bread Swag 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton material    Ea    £16.00

Small Glass Clip Jar    Ea    £2.00

Medium Glass Clip Jar    Ea    £2.50

Large Glass Clip Jar    Ea    £3.50

A Planet Full Of Plastic book     Ea    £6.99

World in Danger book     Ea    £7.99

Somebody Swallowed Stanley Book     Ea    £6.99

Not For Me Please Book     Ea    £7.99

Greta and the Giant Book     Ea    £6.99

Bee book Ea £12.99

The sea book Ea £12.99

Book of brilliant bugs book Ea  £14.99

Colourful Creatures heads and tails game     Ea    £6.00

Broadstairs printed ocean greeting card     Ea    £2.50

Wrapping Brown Craft Paper 1 meter    Ea    £0.80

Coccoina A non-toxic and plastic-free potato starch glue. Recyclable tin and includes a natural bristle brush 125g    Ea    £4.60

Recycled Twine In Dispenser 45m     Ea    £3.80

Recycled Twine refill 45m     Ea    £2.80

Bamboo French press 2 cup     Ea    £18.00

London Pottery teapot with infuser 4 cup in soft grey     Ea    £29.00

Ceramic Soft Grey 2 Cup Teapot with Infuser     Ea    £15.00

rCups Insulated Travel Cup 12oz made from recycled coffee cups    Ea    £12.00

Stainless Steel Tea Spoon Infuser     Ea    £3.00

Tea Basket - Stainless Steel Loose Leaf Tea Infuser    Ea    £3.00

Broadstairs Made Bee Wax Food Wax Wraps Pack of 3     Ea    £6.50

Eco living vegan wax wraps set of 3  Ea  £14.00
Double Polished Coconut Bowl    Ea    £6.50
Ecoliving Vegetable Brush 100% sustainable vegetable brush. FSC® beech wood. Plastic free    Ea    £4.50
Go Bamboo pack of 20 Bamboo Clothes Pegs    Ea    £4.95
Huski plastic free rice husk insulated 1150ml lunch box in Duck Egg     Ea    £14.99
If You Care Compostable Unbleached Baking Cup Cake Cases x60     Ea    £2.50
MOOPOPS Mixed 3 pack of reusable milk pint tops     Ea    £5.00
Natural Woodwool Firelighters Pouch of x15     Ea    £2.50
Organic Bamboo cutlery Spoon Fork Knife set     Ea    £3.50

Coconut Spoon unique grained pattern    Ea    £2.50

Beco Dog Poop bags pack of 60     Ea    £4.99

Organic Reusable Bamboo Straw    Ea    £1.00
Steel Gold Straight straw     Ea    £1.50
Straw Cleaners    Ea    £1.50



Please be aware that allergens including celery, cereals containing gluten (such as barley and oats), eggs, lupin, milk, mustard, peanuts, sesame, soybeans, sulphur dioxide and sulphites  and tree nuts (such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios and macadamia nuts) are present in our store. These can be present in the form of granules, dust and airborne particles. All products have full ingredients lists but if you are unsure please get in touch. 

Salt of The Earth Broadstairs

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